GHC’s Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) services are two comprehensive solutions encompassing expert advisory; training; facilities management; and facilities management equipment on the LCC project application, that includes feasibility studies, audit and asset registration depending on our client project requirements. On the other hand, GHC’s BIM solution offers professional services in 3D architectural/structural/MEP modelling; construction documentation; 4D scheduling; 5D cost estimation; and 6D project life-cycle management, which means that we can deliver your project faster and more cost efficient with the highest of quality and accuracy.


With GHC’s in-house registered conservator, GHC provides the best consultation on heritage building conservation, audit and asset assessment/registration. We also offer further consultation in building forensic investigation, dilapidation documentation, and feasibility studies on the best course of action for building conservation approaches based on the analytical and scientific findings.


In addition to GHC’s consultancies services, GHC also offers comprehensive 3D TLS solutions using the cutting-edge technology in 3D laser scanning industries, that captures the most accurate data (±2mm) of our client’s assets and structures/buildings, which can then be translated into BIM services, as-built drawing documentation/maintenance, assets registration and facilities management system.

3D Printing

GHC’s latest expert services covers the solutions for model replication via 3D printing technologies that can be used for exhibition display, artefacts partial restoration, and reserve engineering investigation/workflow.


Professional grade production of video documentary on project for personal use or professional publications/productions which encompass historical facts, videography on project progress and video documentaries on building construction/restoration/conservation for educational purposes and public information programmes.


Through GHC’s in-house subject matter experts and principal consultants, GHC provides professional training modules and conducted comprehensive seminar/workshop on Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Building Information Modelling in architectural project management, contract research, building maintenance, historical structures/buildings conservation and facilities management system maintenance.


We provide printing services with high quality paper ranging from A4 and A3 size to plotting A0 in both colour and, black and white. In addition, we also provide services to our clients with conversion applications such as: Raster to Vector Conversions; Document Archiving; and OCR Conversions, which converts your manually produced drawings and maps to most CAD, GIS and raster formats using scanning technology. This means that we can deliver your project faster and more cost effectively of the highest quality and accuracy.


With GHC’s application on newest technology in drone mapping and cinematography, we can provide our clients the best cost-effective service in aerial mapping, digital aerial videography and documentation resulting in data that are not only reliable but of the highest quality and accuracy.

Digital Documentation

For the digital documentation services, GHC provides comprehensive digital solutions in both 3D scanning to Building Information Modelling (BIM) and written reports which incorporates a comprehensive submission on deliverables for Conservation Management Plan (CMP), Historical Architectural Building Survey (HABS), Historical Impact Assessment (HIA) and any other requirements in accordance to Heritage Act 2005 and Jabatan Warisan Negara (JWN).

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